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Ueno to Shibuya

    When I went to Japan for the first time in July of 1999, the first thing I did after getting into my inn was to head into Tokyo and try to skate. The result of my first skate in Tokyo is this route. The roads are busy, but you should not have any problems skating in traffic on this route, except for a few places. Skating by such places as Ginza, Shinjuku and Shibuya is unbelievable, especially at night!! From Ueno to Shibuya is about 15 km. Note: Do not skate this route unless you have had experience skating in traffic.  

Overlooking Chuo-dori near Ueno Station

Ueno to Ginza 4-chome
Start near JR Ueno station (above the Keisei Ueno station). Proceed towards Chuo-dori. Then skate on Chou-dori southbound past the Akihabara electronics area and Kanda.
Before you reach the rail overpass in Kanda, get off the road and skate on the sidewalk because the road narrows. After the rail overpass, skate on the street again. You will pass near the financial center of Tokyo and the Mitsukoshi Dept. Store. You will also cross the Nihombashi (Nippon Bridge), which serves as ground zero for measuring distances from Tokyo. After passing through Kyobashi, you finally make it into the Ginza shopping area. At Ginza 4-chome, make a right onto Harumi-dori using the pedestrian crosswalk.

Ginza 4-chome intersection

Ginza 4-chome to Yotsuya
On Harumi-dori, be careful not to use the underpass after the Sukiyabashi intersection. Before reaching Hibiya-dori, get off the road and use the sidewalk. After crossing Hibiya-dori, you will skate by Hibiya Park, the first park in Tokyo based on European design. Then you will pass by the Metropolitan Police Department HQ. At the Kokkaimae intersection, cross using the pedestrian walkways and continue towards The Diet. At the Diet make a right, then make a left. This street will lead into Aoyama-dori. Cross Aoyama-dori and continue north. Make a left and then a right. This streets will lead you to Shinjuku-dori. But before that there is a convenience store which is a good place to take a rest and refuel.  Once on Shinjuku-dori, keep skating west in traffic. You should not have any problems.

At Yotsuyahashi crossing the JR Chuo Line

Yotsuya to Sendagaya
This part of the skate is straightforward. The only obstacle you will have is the intersection at Yotsuya 4-chome. The road splits as the most of the traffic goes under the Shijuku Gardens Tunnel and the rest goes towards Shinjuku Station. Make use of the pedestrian crosswalks to continue towards Shinjuku.
It gets really busy in Shinjuku,  especially if you skate at night. Keep on Shinjuku-dori until you pass Studio Alta. Make a left at Yasukuni-dori and go under the rail overpass, then make another left at the next light. You will pass by Odakyu Dept. Store and the west side of Shinjuku Station. After passing Koushu Kaido, the road goes slighty downhill and crosses the rail tracks of the Odakyo Line. The conveniece store after the rail crossing is another good place for a break. Make a left at the Yoyogi-ekimae intersection and then a right. You will go under the Yamanote Line and then cross over the rail tracks for the Saikyo, Shinjuku-Shonan, and Narita Express Lines (use caution). The end of this street will bring you to the Kitasando intersection on Meiji-dori.

Sendagaya to Shibuya
From here on it's smooth sailing home. Still on Meiji-dori, keep going past Omotesando. Make a right at the second light after Ometesando (use the pedestrian crosswalk once again). This road will lead you past Tower Records and Seibu Department store towards the famous pedestrian crosswalk in Shibuya. Your destination is the Hachiko statue near the north exit of  JR Shibuya station. Mission accomplished!!!