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Yamanote Line Loop - Southern Section

Shinjuku to Ebisu
Start from Keio Dept. Store or continue from the northern section of the Yamanote Line Loop. Proceed to Koushu Kaido and make a right using the pedestrian crosswalk.  About 400 m later make a left past the pedestrian bridge. Here you pass by Bunka Women's University. This is a one-way street against traffic (see picture below) so slow down and stay on the sidewalk. After crossing the Odakyu Line the street ends near the Metropolitan Expressway No. 4 Route. Make a right and at the Sangubashi Intersection stay left. This street takes you around the westside of Yoyogi Park.

After passing NHK Center make a right at the NHK Center-shita intersection and stay on the sidewalk (against traffic again). At the second light make a left. Stay on this narrow one-way street  that becomes a two-way at the Dogenzaka 2-chome intersection and you will make a gradual decline towards Dogenzaka and the Shibuya-ekimae intersection. See next map for details on how to get across Route 246 at Shibuya Station.

After getting across Route 246, you are skating parallel to the Yamanote Line on a quiet street. Here you should be able to go a little faster thanks to the good surface. At the Ebisu 1-chome intersection you will be near Ebisu Station.     

A typical narrow street in Tokyo (heading for Yoyogi Park)

In front of Shibuya Station at one the most famous crosswalks in the world

How to get across the very busy Route 246 at Shibuya Station
After passing the Shibuya-ekimae intersection, get to the right side of the road and pass under the station. Make a right and pass by the east exit of the station until you get to the stairs.  Proceed up the stairs and go to the other side of Rt. 246. and get off the first stairs you see.  At the bottom of the stairs make a right onto the side street leading into the station, then make a left.  Now you should be between JR Shibuya Station and Tokyu Shibuya Station. Note: I highly recommend not crossing Route 246 at ground level.

Along the Yamanote Line between Shibuya and Ebisu

Ebisu to Shibaura
At the next intersection, bear right and head towards the Yamanote Line.  At Ebisu 4-chome intersection, you make a left and go around the Ebisu Garden Place and cross the Yamanote Line.  At the next intersection make a left and head towards Meguro Station.  See the next map for details on how to go downhill to Meguro-gawa.  Once on Meguro-gawa stay on the north bank until you pass the Yamanote Line.  Cross the river at the next bridge and proceed down the south bank, passing by New City and Gate City.  At the Irukibashi intersection, get on Yamate-dori and go under the Yamanote Line. Then make a right and cross the Meguro-gawa and pass by the Sankyo Factory.   Make a right after going under the Keihin-Tohoku Line, then make a left onto a local street that leads to the Minami-Shinagawa 4-chome intersection.  Cross the intersection and stay on sidewalk heading north, then make a right before Tokaido-bashi near Shin-Banba Station.

Once again on the south bank of Meguro-gawa, cross the river at the second bridge.  This leads to a local shopping  street that winds up at Yamate-dori.  Make a right, then make a left at Yastuyama-dori. After two blocks make a right, then a left and stay until you get to the end of the street and make another right. Make a right onto Kyu Kaigan-dori and cross the  Tennouzu-bashi.  At the next intersection make aright and cross Takahama-unga.  Then make a left and stay along Takahama-unga until you get to Shin Konan-bashi and make a left.  Go past the Shin Konan-bashi intersection and bear right near the Shibaura Sewage Disposal.  Keep going north along the Tokaido Shinkansen.  At the end of the road, make a right. Then make a left to cross a bridge.   Keep heading north in Shibaura 4-chome passing by Oki Electric until you reach the end of the road and make a right.  After crossing the bridge make a right and head east until the road merges and make a left.  This will get you to Shibaura 1-chome.

At the west entrance to Meguro Station

In front on the Atre Shopping Center in Meguro Station

How to skate down those very steep hills near Meguro Station
After passing by Meguro Station, you will skate one of the steepest hills on the route. If you stay on the main route (1), you will be skating parallel to the Tokyo Meguro Line. About 100 m into the street, you will go into a very steep incline and the road's surface changes to concrete tiles, making it very hard to perform a proper brake. I suggest taking off your skates and walk until the road turns right. If you take the alternatate route to Meguro-gawa via Taikobashi (2), you still have to skate a steep decline on Gyoninzaka. If you can't make it just walk down sideways with your skates until you feel comfortable to skate again. Another way to get to Meguro-gawa is to skate on Meguro-dori towards Shinbashi and then make a left and skate along the river. Gonnosukesaka should not have as steep a decline as the other slopes, but it is the longest way to get to Gotanda from Meguro.

Along Meguro-gawa past Ichibabashi heading for Gotanda

At Sakurada-dori near Gotanda Station

Meguro-gawa at Osaki heading to Minami Shinagawa

Irukibashi on Yamate-dori on the way to Minami Shinagawa

Tokaibashi on Dai-ichi Keihin with Shin Bamba Station in the background

Shibaura to Tokyo Station
At the Shibaura 1-chome intersection make right, then make left at the Kaigan 2-chome intersection.  Stay underneath the Yurikamome Line until you get to the Takeshiba Sanbashi Iriguchi intersection and make a left. Stay on this street until you get to Hamamatsucho ekimae intersection and make a right.  Stay along the Yamanote Line until you see the underpass to your right. After going under the Yamanote Line, make a left and pass through the Shiodome area.  At the major intersection near the Expressway, make a left and head towards Shinbashi.  Make a right onto Sotobori-dori then make a left after going across Dou-bashi.  Stay on this street until the end and make a right.  Get back on Sotobori-dori and make a left at the Sukiya-bashi intersection.  Before going under the railway overpass  make a right and pass by JR Yurakucho Station on your right.  Keep heading north and you will come back to where you started at Tokyo Station.
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