Places to skate in Tokyo

1 - Ueno Park in Taito-ku

How to get there:
2 minute walk from Ueno (JR, Eidan Ginza and Hibiya Lines) 1 minute walk from Keisei Ueno (Keisei Line)
Toll parking facilities available

A nice spot to skate, especially the path from the Shinobazu Pond to the Tokyo National Museum.
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2 - Imperial Park Area in Chiyoda-ku
On Uchibori dori headed towards Sakuradamon.

How to get there:
10 minute walk form Tokyo (JR, Eidan Marunouchi Line)
5 minute walk from Otemachi (Eidan Chiyoda, Hanzamon, Marunouchi, Tozai and Toei Mita Lines)
2 minute walk from Sakuradamon (Eidan Yurakucho Line)
2 minute walk from Kudanshita (Eidan Hanzamon, Tozai and Toei Shinjuku Lines)
2 minute walk form Takebashi (Eidan Tozai Line)
12 minute walk from Yurakucho(JR) Underground parking and toll parking facilities available

The area around the Imperial Palace is a good place to skate. The route is the jogging course around the palace. It is one of the best sceneries in Tokyo to see by skate. Places such as The Diet, Hibiya Park, the Budokan, Marunouchi and Ginza are easily accessible. The pavement is asphalt, making it perfect for skating (like most sidewalks in Tokyo). Just watch out for some hills along the way: Yasukuni dori from Kudansakaue to Kudanshita, Uchiboridori from Kudansakaue to Chidoriyafuchi and Miyakezaka from Hanzamon to Kokkaimae (Don't go down these hills if you can't skate downhill properly). On the weekends, the sidewalk along Uchibori-dori is busy with people walking and jogging, so be careful and give them priority.

3 - Jingu Gaien  Shinjuku/Shibuya -ku
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4 - Yoyogi Park in Shibuya-ku

How to get there:
3-minute walk from Harajuku (JR), Jingumae (Eidan Chiyoda Line) or Yoyogi Koen (Eidan Chiyoda Line), 6-minute walk from Yoyogi Hachiman (Odakyu Line) Toll parking facilities available.
(info coming soon)

5 - Komazawa Park in Setagaya-ku

How to get there:
By Bus: From Shibuya (JR) - Take a Tokyu bus headed for Denenchofu. Get off at Komazawakoen bus stop. From Ebisu (JR) - Take a Tokyu bus headed for Yoga. A 15-minute walk from Komazawadaigaku bus stop. Toll parking facilities available
By Train: From Shibuya (JR) take the Tokyu Shin-Tamagawa Line. A 12 minute walk from Komazawadaigaku Station.  

Another haven for skaters in the Tokyo area, recreational and aggressive alike.  There is a cycle path that circles the park, but I recommend against using it, as it probably is ONLY for cyclist.  And the surface for the cycling path is not so good.  Very busy in the weekend, especially in warm weather, so be courteous to others around you.

6 - Hikarigaoka Park in Nerima-ku

How to get there:
10 minute walk from Hikarigaoka (Toei Oedo Line),
20 minute walk form Narimasu (Eidan Yurakucho Line)
Toll parking facilities available

You can actually skate to the park from Hikarigaoka Station if you take the escalator to the top level.  That will bring you to the concourse that leads into Hikarigaoka Park.  I visited Hikarigaoka Park in the winter of 2001 and it had snowed a day earlier.  I was only able to skate up to about the middle of the park, but I looks to me that the other paths in the park are skateable.  Also another place that is busy in warm weather.

7 - Mizumoto Park in Katsushika-ku

How to get there:
7-minute walk from Mizumotokoen bus stop(Take a Keisei Bus headed for Togasakisoushajo or Nishimizumoto 3-chome) from Kanamachi(JR, Eidan Chiyoda Line) Toll parking facilities available

Within the quiet Northeast section of Tokyo lies Mizumoto Park. The park has good skating surface. Gets busy in the summer, so remember to give priority to non-skaters.  

8 - Shin Koiwa Park in Katsushika-ku

How to get there:
6 minute walk from Shin Koiwa Station (JR Chuo-Sobu Line)

If you live around the Shin Koiwa Station area, than this is the place to go to skating. The surface is pretty good and the best time to go is probably in the morning. In the early morning you will see many elderly people exercise in the park.

9 - Kasai Seaside Park area in Edogawa-ku

How to get there:
For Kasai Rinkai Park: Kasai Rinkai Park Station (JR Keio Line)
For Shin Sakon-gawa Park: Nishi Kasai Station (Eidan Tozai Line)
Toll parking facilities available

Kasai Seaside Park is a haven away from all the commotion in Tokyo. On the weekdays it's is a good place to skate. But on weekends and holidays, park official won't let you skate there. Stay in the area marked on the map during those times (This is also the spot where you will see skaters slalom). You can also enjoy some of the other things in the park such as the aquarium, the beaches in the summertime and the new Ferris wheel. From the westside of the park you can skate path along the east bank of the Aragawa (Akabane-Iwabuchi is about 20 km from Kasai Seaside Park). Watch out for bumps on the cycle path once in a while.  
Another spot to skate is the Shin Sakongawa Park. About a 15 -20 walk from Eidan Nishi Kasai. A cycle path goes from Nishi Kasai through the park and ends nearby Kasairinkaikoen Station. A beautiful park which includes a marina and is great for a barbeque in the summer. A great way to see one of the outer neighborhoods in southeast Tokyo. Just a note: For experienced skaters take the train one stop further to Maihama where Tokyo Disneyland is located. The road that goes around the themepark is a good place to skate too.

10 - Odaiba area
On the promenade near the Dream Bridge. On the left is Palette Town with the giant Ferris wheel. On the right is the Frontier building and the Fuji TV building.

How to get there:
Yurikamome Line from Shimbashi (JR, Tokyo Metro Ginza and Toei Asakusa Lines) Tokyo Rinkai Kosoku Line from Shin-Kiba (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line and JR Keio Line) or Osaki (JR Yamanote and Saikyo Lines) Toll parking facilities available

Odaiba is the Tokyo away from Tokyo. The promenade that extends from Ariake to Aomi is the ideal place to skate. Most of the pavement is brick, thus making it not the easiest of place to skate. The bridge that connects Ariake to Aomi is a beautiful vantage point of the area and has a better skating surface. Shiokaze Park is another place to skate in the area. Odaiba has many things to offer: do some skating, then relax and enjoy some shopping at Aquacity, visit the maritime museum, ride the giant Ferris wheel at Palette Town, or enjoy a gorgeous sunset dinner at Decks Tokyo Beach over looking the Rainbow Bridge. For those people who love to skate fast but want to get away from the busy streets in Tokyo, Odaiba is the place for you. The best time to skate is in the early morning on weekends and holidays.